Swift SEO Services for SaaS Company

PandaDoc is a leading SaaS company that provides ready-to-use document templates, which helps save time and minimizes client risks. Our task was to optimize and improve the ranking of 65 pages. To accomplish this task, we teamed up with our partners, YourExtraMarketer, who specialize in copywriting and content creation. The timeframe for completing the task was 1 month.

optimized pages
1 month
to complete the task
Increased visibility
in the TOP3



This is a project where it was important not only to complete the task from an SEO perspective but also to manage the process clearly to meet the deadline. Initially, we estimated time for analysis, semantic core collection, creation of technical specifications, checking texts for compliance with technical specifications, and revisions. We divided these tasks within our team so that all stages proceeded smoothly and with careful use of time.

The semantic core was not provided to us, and we had to compile it ourselves for all pages. After drawing up the technical specifications based on the queries, it turned out that they could not be fulfilled. It was discovered that the client only permits minimal edits since the main part of the page is the actual template of the documents, which cannot be changed due to legal specifics. The number of page elements we could change was strictly limited.

We found ourselves in a situation where we had more queries than the possibility to use them. Our solution was to identify groups of queries that rank highly and prioritize their use. For pages that ranked well with this group, we used the main cluster and further optimized the page with less popular queries. Pages that ranked worse for the main query cluster, we optimized only them.

Crucial Moment

On one hand, client-imposed restrictions and additional complexities limited our actions, but in this way, they focused us solely on critically important queries and elements.


Despite the tight deadlines and limited conditions, we completed the work on time. Our long-standing acquaintance with our partners, established process of interaction, and communication between us significantly helped save time. Three months later, the client shared a report indicating that most pages had significantly improved their positions.