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This project became a classic IT project, both in terms of execution and outcome. The client came with a clear request to achieve top global rankings in Ruby on Rails development. At that time, the company had been in existence for over 5 years, with a full-fledged marketing department, website, and blog. Despite having a marketing department, outsourcing SEO services was a strategically wise decision to achieve quick and significant SEO results. Delegation allowed the internal marketing team to focus on sales. Overall, the company was doing well with leads, but desired growth and scale. For this, they needed a steady stream of incoming leads from various channels within the narrow Ruby on Rails niche. The company was ready to invest resources and form a team to achieve the maximum result.

8 months
to top results
across all channels


 Google Ads
 Content Marketing

The Ruby on Rails development market was competitive, with established companies. We conducted a marketing research: analyzed the market, competitors, analyzed the portrait of the leads the company wanted to receive, and developed a marketing strategy. The marketing strategy included SEO, pay-per-click advertising, directories, blogging, and content marketing. The target audience consisted of companies that already have Ruby on Rails software, those specifically looking for this technology, intermediaries, startups, and those in need of development but are yet undecided, potentially suiting Ruby on Rails. We focused on Solutions, Industries, and the Ruby on Rails technology pages themselves. We began to create content that would address all the audience’s questions within our market, fully meeting their needs. We optimized pages for queries and started building backlink mass. For the first 6 months, we conducted pay-per-click advertising specifically for Ruby on Rails, including retargeting. We wrote articles not only for our blog but also for other platforms like Medium to expand our audience. We participated in developing a strategy for Clutch, and the company’s marketing department took charge of its implementation.

Crucial Moment

The choice of a niche topic, Ruby on Rails, combined with the client’s high expertise, allowed Rubyroid Labs to secure a place in the TOP3 companies globally in this field.


The client reached the TOP3 for the query ‘ruby on rails development company.’ Within a month, Google Ads began to generate qualified leads. Rubyroid Labs achieved leadership on Clutch. Comprehensive efforts across all channels led to a steady stream of clients from SEO, PPC, Clutch, platforms where we placed content, as well as from Solution pages and the blog.