Bet in 2020 on Technology That Became a Trend in 2023
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After establishing itself as a market leader in the UAE, Celadon decided to expand into the international segment. By that time, the celadon.ae website was already consistently generating leads, but its operation was local. It was necessary to develop a new international website and promote it. We were tasked with defining the company’s service lines and technology focus. Due to the extremely high competition in the development market, we needed to conduct an in-depth marketing analysis and choose an effective tech stack based on the company’s existing experience and resources.

5 months
before the first leads
in 4 months
predicting the 2023 trend


 Content Marketing

Thanks to the successful development of the Celadon.ae project, the company had excellent experience in mobile development and a deep understanding of this field. There were also case studies confirming the company’s expertise. However, this was not enough for entering the international market. To scale up, it was essential to add something new to mobile development. Competing with large outsourcing companies in the custom software development sector was time-consuming and costly, as it’s an extensive niche. We needed to find a promising and less competitive direction. After studying the market and its trends, we decided to add ML (Machine Learning), AI (Artificial Intelligence), NLP (Natural Language Processing), and NN (Neural Networks). We chose Python, Django, and Tensorflow as our technologies, focusing on startups as our industry.

In the process of studying competitor websites and market research, we noticed the typicality of outsourcing company websites. As we aimed to develop cutting-edge technologies and attract startups involved in trendy technologies and unconventional ideas, Celadon’s website needed to stand out. We took a risk and made a challenging decision — to design the site with a unique dark theme featuring animated, attention-grabbing elements. Our risk paid off.

The immediate goal was not to urgently generate leads, as the Celadon.ae project was already bringing in leads. This allowed us to calmly focus on SEO, working on generating leads from organic search and other sources. We compiled a semantic core based on trending technologies, including both commercial and informational queries, to start creating content. The low competition allowed us to achieve TOP rankings in organic search for Python, Django, ML, NLP, and other directions with minimal investment.

Crucial Moment

The main point became clear not long ago. In 2023, the AI direction we chose in 2020 has become the most popular in the world. This gives Celadon a particular advantage today.


After five months, the Celadonsoft.com website began generating leads. Around the same time, we started receiving leads from Clutch and other sources. Today, Celadon has expanded its expertise to include more than 20 technologies. The company has broadened its industry reach to encompass the restaurant business, online education, crypto startups, and more. Working with unique technological projects led to a new development direction for the company — mobile game development, which resulted in the launch of Celadon Wolves.