SEO Services for IT Company in the USA
Software Development
Local SEO
Content Marketing

Leadgamp provides services to logistics companies in the USA. Our task was to promote their services, such as: software development, digital marketing, and recruitment.

in the USA
2 months
to the first results
from landing pages, blog posts, Clutch


 Content Marketing

Previously, we collaborated with Leadgamp on projects for logistics companies as partners. By working together, they had complete confidence in us. So when they needed services for their own company, they delegated all the tasks to us, giving us complete freedom of action. From our side, we performed a classic set of steps: marketing research, text optimization of all pages, and link building. We also led the content creation for their blog and ensured their presence on Clutch.

Crucial Moment

In this project, our two areas of expertise converged – expertise in IT and the trucking industry.


In one month, we optimized the entire website. Our prompt and efficient link building efforts resulted in leads within two months. Blog articles began generating leads a few months later. We continue to work on promoting the company.