ROI-Efficient Google Ads for the Factoring Company
Google Ads
Bing Ads
Conversion Rate Optimization

Working in the trucking industry, the company HMD decided to open a division offering factoring services. HMD Financial became such a project. Before investing in SEO and other long-term marketing tools, the company’s management tasked us with generating leads through PPC. In case this method works, the company would have started SEO.

1 month
to the first results
sales-qualified leads per month
3 months
to campaign ROI


 Google Ads
 Bing Ads

We studied the competition and concluded that the cost per click, as well as the competition in financial services, is quite high. To spend the budget efficiently, we focused on three key areas: a carefully selected semantic core; Quality Score; and landing page effectiveness.

In developing the semantic core, we gathered over 500 queries, covering both high-frequency and low-frequency searches. We also included competitor company names in our list.

Working on the Quality Score, we created a large list of ads that were highly relevant to the key queries. Using SEO skills, we optimized the landing page so that most of the keywords were used on the landing page.

For landing page effectiveness, we conducted A/B testing, radically redesigning the page several times to optimize the conversion rate. We set up tracking for not only lead forms on the site but also calls, messages on social networks, online chat on the site, and emails.

After analyzing the cost per click in Bing, we launched a similar advertising campaign there as well.

Crucial Moment

Thanks to careful keyword selection, optimized ads, and conversion rate tracking, we achieved profitability for the advertising campaign within three months.


Despite the attractive cost-per-click and advertising budget, Bing Ads was ineffective, generating many fake leads. In contrast, we received our first leads from Google Ads within a month, and these leads turned into won deals. By tracking all channels, we achieved a 20% conversion rate. Efficient ad campaign management and meticulous conversion rate optimization allowed us to reach profitability in three months. On average, we attracted 140 sales-qualified leads from Google Ads per month. During one of the meetings, a Google Ads Rep confirmed that with a smaller budget, we were achieving more conversions than our competitors.