Top 5 in Local Search Results in 2 Months
Local SEO

A satisfied client always returns, and good results always become the foundation for new desires and victories. Previously, we collaborated with the recruitment agency KIAT in Belarus. The client decided to scale the business and open another recruitment agency in Poland. He approached us with a request to promote his business in a niche market, specifically IT Recruitment. The client did not have a website for promotion in the new region.

in local SEO
1 month
to the first results
in 2 months



We had previously developed and promoted the client’s website for the Belarusian market, and it had good optimization. To save time and money, we suggested the client make a copy of the Belarusian site and make minor changes to it. This way, we quickly created a technically optimized multilingual site. We developed content in English and Polish, optimizing it for the necessary keywords. Our research showed that competitors in the TOP5 had an average of 80-100 backlinks. We carefully analyzed their backlinks and concluded that a large percentage of them are low-quality. Thus, we decided to acquire half as many links but of higher quality. We also registered the site on Clutch and other important directories.

Crucial Moment

Focusing on the quality of backlinks, rather than its quantity, helped us quickly achieve results and save money for the client.


The site was quickly indexed in both Polish and English. The site began to rank for queries. Within 1 month, for the queries “recruitment agency in Poland” and “agencja rekrutacyjna IT” we were in the TOP10. After 2 months, thanks to good backlinks, we entered TOP5 for these queries.