Top 5 in Local Search Results without Backlinks
Local SEO

Often local businesses come in with a request for marketing, SEO or advertising already in season, so you have to work in a hurry. This project was an example of such a request.

There is an island in Greece called Santorini with a popular location for photo shoots in the form of white houses with blue roofs. We were approached by a photographer who conducts photo shoots in this location. The photo shoot season starts in April, the client approached us in May. The request was to do something that would improve the current situation with leads for photo shoots. The challenge was to do it quickly and with a small budget. The main audience is the USA, as well as the entire world.

1 month
to the first results
in local SEO
increase in leads



The client had a website on a free template. The lack of keywords, errors on the site and poor technical optimization didn’t matter much until competition started to grow in the client’s niche in 2022. The competitors’ sites were of higher quality, which affected the client’s business.

The look and feel of the site was good, but its on-page optimization wasn’t up to the task of getting the site ranked well. This situation in our practice is common. Such cases are solved quite quickly and not as expensive as clients think at the stage of application.

We conducted a classic set of actions: research of competitors, collected the correct semantic core, distributed queries on the structure, made changes to the structure of the site, wrote and published texts, made on-page optimization. Clear and prompt actions led to the desired result.

Crucial Moment

The client saw that you don’t have to pay for years, you can get results quickly. Often problems that seem big to the client are solved by simple things if you know what to do. A website can be good from the point of view of design, but not from the point of view of SEO. Even with little organic competition, on-page optimization is the minimum you need to get to the top.


The work was done in 2 weeks. The site rose from rank 8 in TOP5 for “flying dress photoshoot santorini”. The number of leads tripled. The client saw the obvious benefit of the work done, despite the fact that he applied already in season. In the following, the client took into account that it is better to prepare in advance. The client also turned to us for the development and promotion of a new website, with the aim of occupying the top two sites.