Celadon.ae — from idea to global company

The client came up with an idea of establishing a tech company that would be based in Belarus but serve clients across the world. The client didn’t have any marketing vision, no idea of possible specializations, they didn’t even have an in-house dev team, only contractors.

traffic increased
sales-qualified leads
3 month
and we got the first result


Google Ads
Content Marketing

Together with the client, we analyzed thoroughly all the opportunities and decided to focus on mobile app development (mostly React Native, because of its cross-platformity) in the United Arab Emirates.

We wrote, designed and developed a website that conveyed the key idea: that the client is a reliable vendor. We also translated the website into Arabic to make it click for the UAE audiences.


In just 3-4 months, we saw a significant increase in search and ad traffic.
And a steady flow of leads.

In one year since then, the company got 200 sales-qualified leads. At the end of the day, the client started receiving leads from other countries in the region, such as Iran, Iraq and Qatar.

New stage

Upon establishing a steady revenue stream coming from real-life projects, the client built their own, in-house development team and expanded their target geographies to countries such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Germany. We also picked new focus areas, like AI, ML and predictive analytics. All this resulted in a new website, focused on global audiences


With this new website, we were able to reach top positions in Google for keywords such as ‘machine learning development services’, ‘django development company’, ‘tensorflow development services’ and ‘python experts’. As a result, the company got new projects in predictive analytics (https://celadonsoft.com/cases/risk-assessment-analytics) and AI (https://celadonsoft.com/cases/personal-coach-app-with-ai), among many others.

Over the next year, the client got 500 sales-qualified leads. They also doubled the number of employees and launched a branch focused on mobile games powered by AI and VR — https://celadonwolves.com/.